MCC Academy provides instruction from pre-school to 8th grades. The school’s goals and objectives are reflected through its curriculum. School’s core curriculum of reading, writing, math, science, social studies and physical education is adopted from the Wilmette Public School District (39). This curriculum is further enhanced by the addition of Accelerated Reading and Math programs and Common Core curriculum. The Islamic perspective is added by the inclusion of a comprehensive Islamic Studies, Arabic and Quran curriculum developed by MCC FTS and is now adopted by various other Islamic schools in U.S.A. This program is designed to go hand in hand with the core program to produce a student who is rooted in Faith, Ethical Living, Social Responsibility and Worldly Success.

Objectives of the Academics Programs:

  • Integration of Islamic concept in all of the core subjects.
  • Inspiring students to become independent, self motivated and life long learners.
  • Building skills sequentially upon the experiences and abilities of students in each subject.
  • Material, activities and instructions must be planned to engage students on every cognitive and emotional level.
  • Lesson plans must be made so as to allow students the enjoyment of varied learning experience with thinking seasoned by the values and standards inculcated
  • Uniformity and consistency in standards of all systems of education.
  • Consistent effort to reach the highest level compared to any school in the US.
  • Deliberate and conscious effort for promoting ethnic togetherness and Ukhuwah in the school system and youth programs.
  • Promoting of Islamic personality and Ummah concepts and its experience among the youth.
  • Promoting Quranic Arabic to enable the students to comprehend the Quran.
  • Promoting Arabic to be the second language of Muslim youth in the 21st century.
  • Inculcating the world view of Islam and its mission of fostering positive behavior, togetherness and brotherly compassion towards fellow human beings.