Boys Hifdh Program

Hafiz Qazi Biabani | Hafiz Ikhlas | Maulana Muniruzzaman
Boys Hifdh program started from January 2009. Under this program students attend Reading and Math classes with a designated certified Reading and Math instructor and the rest of the time they do hifdh. The Hifdh staff consists of:

  • Hafiz Qazi Faaizuddin Biabani
  • Hafiz Ikhlas
  • Maulana Abulfatah Muniruzzaman

For parents interested in their children completing hifdh, this program offers the best of both worlds. This is a perfect way to keep up with two of the most important elements, reading and math, of the academics so they can progress with their class and also fulfill their desire to memorize the Holy Quran.

Girls Hifdh Program

Hafidah Sadaf Kamani
This program runs under the same guideline as the boys Hifdh program. Girls work under the guidance of Hafidah Sadaf Kamani. Girls in the hifdh program also take reading and math with the academic teacher.


Students entering 4th grade onward are eligible to register for this program. It is a full time year round program operating Mon – Friday, 8 – 4.