The Islamic Studies and Arabic Departments are dedicated to inspire our youth by instilling the love of Islam in their hearts and encouraging each student to live the life of a true Muslim. Rigorous efforts have been put forth by staff to design the program specifically to meet the goals we have for our students. We offer the most comprehensive and in-depth curriculum that is available in classrooms today. The following content is covered throughout the year:

  • Review and continued memorization of surahs from Juz 30th.
  • Connecting surahs to Quranic and prophetic stories.
  • Focus on Iman, Seerah, Ibadah, Akhlaq and history.
  • Developing Quranic vocabulary to help understand Quran better.
  • Development of Islamic identity by using inspirational stories relative to students’ life.
  • Project and research to go beyond the obvious.
  • Sequential Islamic History with causes and effect to better understand the spread of Islam in the world as well as problems facing the Muslim Ummah.