Sixth Grade | Seventh Grade | Eighth Grade

The distinguishing feature of middle school is its departmentalized approach to teaching and learning.

  • Teachers specialize in various fields of learning and students study in-depth the basic field for which six years of elementary education has prepared them.
  • The curriculum promotes students to focus and mature in their thinking process and allow them to develop into self directed learners.
  • Independent study assignments, reports and activities permit students to utilize the resources available to them in seeking out knowledge.
  • The use of the Internet and web are an important part of the curriculum for student research and learning.
  • Students discover the conventions of independent learning in a variety of fields. They are given further opportunities to interact with their environments and to make the transition to individualized work.
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  • Scientific inquiry and investigation approach to teaching.
  • Innovation and discovery is the objective of all labs conducted.
  • Use of technology for reinforcing concepts learned in the class, assessment and project development.
  • Demonstrations of dissection process.
  • Specimen lab
  • Group work and power-point presentations.

Social Science

  • Focus on the world and US history.
  • Constitution test in 7th grade to fulfill state graduation requirement.
  • Studies to comprehend the civic responsibilities and the working of the government in which they live.
  • Integrated studies of law and geography provide a forum for critical thinking about civilization and culture.
  • How Islam relates to the everyday life of communities across the world.
  • Roles of Muslims in American society today.
  • Discussion on current events making headlines. Their causes and effects and consequences.
  • Use of technology to research and present.
  • Virtual and actual field trips for better concept forming.
  • Bold and thought provoking discussions leading to critical thinking and analysis.

Reading & Language Arts

  • Stress is placed on new vocabulary formation, writing and grammar.
  • Practice on different writing styles demonstrating precise and logical thought process.
  • Extensive sampling of various literary genre including classical and award winning novels and other literary works.
  • Researching and deciphering author’s purpose and use of symbols or metaphor.
  • Accelerated Reading program for average to advance readers.
  • Availability of multimedia and web resources to research.
  • Setting up and measuring quarterly goals in vocabulary gains and comprehension of complex thoughts through MAPS assessments conducted twice per year.


  • Individualized math progress through Accelerated Math.
  • Daily math practice and reviews
  • Star Math quarterly assessments