The science lab is equipped with the most modern-day technology. With a sleek look and busy experiments, this lab is the place to be! Many are thrilled that MCC students are able to benefit from such a valuable resource, especially the supervisor and middle school science teacher Mrs. Abeer Saleh. She states, “I am absolutely ecstatic, Alhamdulillah, with the outcome of this wonderful lab and the hands-on opportunities for the students to experience in it!” The science lab consists of:

  • 16 Lab Stations
  • Accommodates 32 Students
  • Each station equipped with running water and gas
  • Countertops made of Epoxy Resin to resist moisture, solvents, heat, acid and abrasions
  • Includes s a hooded ventilation system
  • Built in storage cabinets
  • Classroom within lab on opposite side
  • Televisions adapted to configure with internet