Azam Tai | Asmaa Shafiq

The Tech Lab is a valued resource. The middle school students take classes to develop typing skills and become proficient in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Keyboarding, Photoshop, Final Cut and HTML coding. Elementary classes are trained by homeroom teachers on basic usage of a computer along with fundamental functions. By incorporating technology into the class room we offer a media rich curriculum. Each individual is offered the opportunity to incorporate the use of technology into their education by utilizing the resources offered by the technology department.

The Tech Lab offers:

  • More than 100+ iMAC computers on the school network
  • Lab capacity of 25-30 per campus
  • Subject teachers assigned iPads and Apple TVs in each room
  • Wireless internet available and expanding
  • LCD projectors available for school presentations
  • A built in server on both campus
  • Use of Smart Board
  • Staff usage for lesson planning, resources, and research
  • Student usage for homework assignments, projects, and research
  • Available to students during school, lunch, recess, and after school hours
  • Acceptance Policy
Acceptance Policy