Welcome to MCC Academy!  My name is Hadessa Plummer.  I’m so happy to be serving our students and staff as the MCC Academy School Nurse.  I have bachelors in Nursing and Psychology.  It’s such a pleasure to work in this environment and care for all of these children.

Our goal at MCC Academy is to provide for the academic, social, spiritual and physical wellbeing of our students.  In addition to caring for students’ illnesses, injuries and health maintenance, my role is to maintain medical records, making certain each student is current with immunizations and other state-regulated health checks and to educate students on various health topics throughout the year.  Topics including: poison safety, dental health, hand washing and physical development.  I also share educational material on various health topics.

If you have questions or concerns you can reach me at 224-534-7638 or Hadessa.plummer@www.mccacademy.org.

Please Visit the Nurse Office!